Internet Marketing – from Basics to Advanced

What is internet marketing?

Internet Marketing – Basics

Internet marketing can be described as any activities that are done online in order to earn money. It includes trading forex online, selling massive online e-commerce system, ebooks, software, info-rich membership site, flipping website or domains, doing trades on ebays, and etc. There are hundreds of different ways people can make money online.

Here are a few common ways of internet marketing systems:
1. Affiliate Marketing (You may learn more from Affiliate Masters Course)
2. Flipping website
3. Creating web related services
4. Providing software solutions
5. Offering membership site as a recurring model
6. eBay auctioning
7. Digital products delivery
8. All-in-one web creation services
9. Software tools
10. Other package deals
11. Offline products/ services

No matter which way you go, you need to consider what’s your strength is and what appeals to you most. If you have strong background in computer engineering, you of course may consider offer your related expertise to the intended audience, which will naturally find your talents and be attracted to your offering. You need to understand the basic of internet marketing, including how to research your niche, the concept of preselling, the conversion ratios and etc. These are the rules of the game that you need to be aware of before you even consider to begin your journey of internet marketing.

I’ve been to internet marketing since 2004 and honestly, I have seen too many programs filled with hype (and of course, I have bought in quite a few of them). In general, don’t trust things that make you a millionaire overnight. Such things do not exist; if there is such a system, it would not be for sale at all. Secondly, you need to apply your own brain in whatever business venue. You need to see if something appeal to your basic skill. For example, if you can’t even figure out how to install a software program to save yourself, don’t even think you could create software programs and sell online. It’s just too much to demand yourself.

In all, focus on what you are good at and create content around that particular topic. Overtime, you will create a crowd of followers who would trust what you have to say and ultimately buy what you have to offer. Most importantly, when you offer a solution, it’s better than you have actually used or have other used the products themselves. Otherwise, people can tell that you’re just buffing for the sake of grabbing people pockets, and you will lose trust of your readers, as quickly as they click on your website. It’s that simple.

The key is to tell others what you are good at, and what you can do to help them to do the same.

Internet Marketing is a huge topics, which can be further broken down into various categories. Feel free to check around these articles, which may be of help to you, especially if you are new to the internet marketing arena.

- Search Engine Optimization
- Article Writing
- Content Creation

Internet Marketing Advanced

Bruce Lee once said elimination is the addition – or something to that effect. Okay, when the fluff is removed, the crux of the matter shines. At the end of the day, it gets back down to an offer. Offer something of value to exchange people’s money is the quickest way to profit online. That’s it.

There are seven steps to the formula above:
1) You need to have an OFFER
2) Create an E-commerce mechanism
3) Deliver your product
4) Offer an advanced version of your products
5) Partnership with your customers and other joint venture partners

The 5 steps above is the system that online millionaires are using to make big profits online. Of course there are more to it, for example, how do you create an offer, how do you create an e-commerce system to deliver your products, how do you create an advanced version of your products and refer them to your existing funnels and etc.

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