Time Management Mastery

Take Control Of Your Time And Get Things Done

Time Management in a Nutshell

The Basics of Taking Control of Your Time

If you want to focus your attention on developing one aspect of your life, you should start with time management. With excellent time management skills, you’ll be able to get more done in less time, leaving you the opportunity to develop other areas of your life.

Time management is a general term for a series of habits that allow  you to complete your goals within a certain time frame. Since time management is not related to a particular field (like weight loss, business or organizing) developing your time management habits is  time well spent.

If you learn time management skills in the context of getting work done, for example, you can easily transfer those skills to other goals in your life. No matter how you choose to learn time management, you can be sure that your skills can be applied to any other situation in your life.

Time is a Precious Resource

You can always make more money, get more friends or learn more skills. One thing you can never get more of is time. Time cannot be saved and used at a later date. Everyone, whether they live on a small island in the South Pacific or a large bustling city in Europe, has the same 24 hours per day.

Most people feel like there is not enough time during the day. They feel like the sand is always running through the hour glass and slipping through their fingers. But there are other people in their same exact circumstances who manage to achieve their goals. What makes the difference?

The difference is in how the second group of people manages their time.

Time management is really about achieving goals. Everyone setsgoals but hardly anyone achieves them because they don’t have the right time management habits. Time management habits help you get what you want out of life. Imagine…with the proper time management skills you can fix your finances, improve  your relationships, lose weight, increase your health, reduce stress and live the life you’ve always wanted to live.

In this lesson, you’ll learn the keys to developing good time management habits. These keys can be applied to your life whether you are 18 or 88. They will help you achieve your goals no matter what you are trying to achieve.

Time Management Traps

Identifying Your Personal Time Management Problems

Effective time management is only possible when you can identify and eliminate the obstacles to your goals. There are several common problems that people have with managing their time.

The most common problems with time management are:

These problems are at the crux of most people’s time management difficulties. Solving these problems can help you work more efficiently and set yourself up for success to reach your goals. Let’s look at each of them individually so you can identify which ones you need to focus on.

Lack of Focus

Reaching your goals requires an extreme level focus on what you want to accomplish. You need to have a clear picture of what you desire to achieve and, more importantly, why you want to achieve those goals.

If you’re not focused on the task at hand, you’ll end up letting your mind wander. You’ll get involved in another project or, even worse, you’ll end up wasting the time that you need to spend on your work doing something else. When the time comes to finish your project, you’ll end up scrambling around trying to get things done.

Lack of focus, and all the problems with time management really, result in not putting forth your best work. If you are working on a project for work, it’s going to be poor quality if you turn it in at the last minute. The same goes for working on a report for school or for managing your time when you are trying to lose weight. If you can’t focus on your goals, you’re going to find them drifting further and further away from you.

Let’s face it. The average person has a lot going on in their daily life. It’s naive to think in this day and age that you can go through life only focused on one task at hand. That’s why it’s so important to be able to focus on your goal when you are in the moment. You must be able to switch gears so you can move easily between your task and the rest of your life.

A big part of maintaining focus is knowing why you want to accomplish what you want to accomplish. If you have no clear reason for why you want to get the goal accomplished, beyond simply knowing it needs to be done, you won’t be able to focus on it sufficiently. Later in other lessons we’ll go into how to develop focus so you can meet your goals.

That’s it for this first lesson.

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